Scum still going

Unlimited accounts, website selling eBay accounts that don’t exist pretending to have high feedback and a track record without of course the limitations on selling imposed on their accounts of eBay are still trading successfully. How the scan works is once you go on the unlimited accounts website to buy an eBay account, the only way you can do this is by calling them up by phone or email. At this point they direct you to put money into a bank account by bank transfer. Once you have done this they will stall you with fake refund screens or any other way just to store you for a few days until they can withdraw the money out of the Basher account, as they may have a couple of clients paying into it so don’t want you to report it to your bank. If you report The unlimited eBay accounts scam to your bank they will endeavour to reverse the payment however with these fraudsters this will not be possible as they keep withdrawing the money from this account they are using often in the name of J Kahn.

Several cases have now been reported to action fraud with many crime numbers issued so it is perplexing that this scam continues to operate. The reviews on this website that a positive are fake and the -ones these web fraudsters from unlimited eBay accounts are a dab hand at removing, so if you have been bitten by unlimited eBay account scam you are better issuing it on new websites that they don’t seem to have control of. 

If you have been scammed Unlimited eBay accounts Report your case to action fraud, trying to get a reversible payment of your bank although this is often not going to work and report your case to trading standard as well as action fraud